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Technology continues to evolve and DRNet is right there for the NonStop community!

With so much attention of late paid to the world of hybrid IT and the changes that go right along with it, for many of the NonStop community such attention as interesting as it is rarely escalates to anything more than a minor distraction. For the bulk of solutions running on NonStop systems today the focus remains on providing the level of service business requires of mission critical applications. That is providing true 24 x 7 x forever operations that extend well beyond a single system and a single application! For today’s enterprises it is pretty common to have two, three and oftentimes, many more data centers purely for the purpose of ensuring no natural or man-made disaster ever compromises the levels of service provided. For the HPE NonStop community this has meant deploying data replication software and while there are a number of different products available to NonStop users NTI has been providing DR Net for several decades now and over the time has accumulated literally