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For NTI – Vision and Strategy turns to Products

NTI has been describing its vision and strategy for some time and in 2020 there is a full rollout of new products and features centered on DR Net ® . While it is relatively easy to whiteboard marketing plans covering vision and strategy, they still need to be implemented in products for the real world. And NTI is delivering today! The NonStop community is familiar with “slideware” and as interesting as many presentations on data may be, there still is no substitute for usable products in the real world. Throughout 2019 if there was a RUG or GEO event anywhere in the world, you would have heard all about the PRO Visioning : Excellence in Data . The catalyst for making the move into a more data centric view of the world has been a direct result of the changes happening with NonStop. Data has taken center stage! Data is the new currency of business! Mining data reveals true nuggets that are pure gold! It’s only a short time ago that NonStop transformed into a software solution – a