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Panning for gold, drilling for oil – striking it rich! With DRNet®, NTI customers are finding the high-quality data that will help grow their business.

“Where does the true value lie in the data captured by NonStop applications?” asked Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI in a recent exchange with NonStop Insider. “NonStop systems are known for their fault tolerance and their suitability for processing the most mission-critical transactions of all, but increasingly today we are finding that the data captured as transactions are being processed is every bit as important to the enterprise as the successful completion of the transaction!” And with DR Net ® , NTI provides so much more than just support for disaster recovery and with as much talk as there is today of maximizing the value locked away in the data these financial institutions accumulate over time, the replication capabilities of DR Net ®  are being looked at again for DR Net ®  ability to integrate. What is often overlooked today is that NTI’s product, DR Ne t ® , is an abbreviation for Data Resource Network and “a product name that oftentimes doesn’t

GTUG presentation well attended – silos are so yesterday; data integration is key!

Early morning presentations after celebrating on a big night out oftentimes prove challenging, but even so, at this year’s GTUG event in Leipzig, the early morning start proved to be not a deterrent for many attendees and the presentation by NTI was well attended. For me, as the presenter the challenge was not so much the start time but rather, this was my “freshman appearance” having not been the front man for NTI before. And yes, sitting in the audience was the NTI CTO. Naturally enough, there were a couple of missteps, the most notable being the reference to there being “data avoidance” rather than making it clear that my intent was to highlight that with DR Net® , there was clearly “data loss avoidance.” Not sure any working system would fare all that well if data was avoided… Slipups like this aside, the key message was that experience with data replication is proving to be a valuable when it comes to data integration. The very same mechanisms used with Change Data Captu

Last week – drilling for oil; this week, panning for gold

This weekend it’s off to Leipzig, Germany for the big pan-European NonStop GTUG event featuring all things NonStop. I am about to head off even as I begin winding down for the week – the weekend will be a time for travel and hopefully, I will see many of you in Leipzig as the event kicks off Monday afternoon. If you have as yet not checked the agenda, you may want to do so as it can be found at: With pre-conference workshops scheduled on Monday afternoon featuring blockchain, it certainly is going to attract considerable interest from the community – if you have missed any of my recent posts to other social media forums you will already know how bullish I am about the future for NonStop with its support for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. What it comes down to is that an important new technology from HPE, with almost no limits to how it can save business money, has hit the marketplace and not just with any produ