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Great Southern Land – taking it all in at OzTUG

The event for the Australian and New Zealand NonStop communities has always seemed an attractive alternate venue to those NTI regularly visits in North America and Europe. The distance is always a concern, but NTI has members of the NonStop user community that have been staunch supporters of the company for a very long time. Those Financial Institutions in this part of the world that run payments  products from FIS – formerly eFunds and before that Deluxe Data – are well acquainted with NTI and so the opportunity to catch up with people we have worked with for a very long time proved too hard to ignore. The team from NTI was headed by Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, but also included Cody Newton, NTI COO, and Andrew Pham, NTI Software Engineer, and they all were present for both OzTUG Sydney and OzTUG in Melbourne. NTI would like to thank HPE’s David Gilbanks who came through with a really good show. Attendance was excellent, particularly in Sydney, where t