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SunTUG was the place to be – news and updates provided by NTI

RUG events kicked off in earnest in February with all roads leading to Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State. SunTUG has traditionally pulled together a very large cross section of the NonStop community and it didn’t disappoint in 2020 – close to 100 attendees participated in the two days of planned activities. When it came time to giving away gifts as the show came to a close, it was Jim Keene of JPMC who took home the prized NTI iPad. NTI has provided a strong support to RUG and GEO events worldwide where our message has resonated well with all members of the NonStop community. However, together with our colleagues across the NonStop vendor landscape we are now being challenged as authorities are aggressively dissuading events of any kind from taking place. To this end, we are adhering to any requests for postponements or cancellations on the understanding that it is our responsibility to comply with requests for social distancing. Nevertheless, NonStop systems continue to b