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The NTI team meets in Ohio and the news is all good!

Spending time on the road never surprises anyone who follows our posts to any of the blogs we support. It’s all part and parcel of the way we interact with the NonStop vendor community and is the routine manner by which we communicate the changing industry landscape. Whether it is presenting at a RUG event, participating in a webinar or simply catching up with former colleagues, the common thread connecting everything we do is NonStop. And with that, and the passion with which I address NonStop products and features, we are being kept very busy of late as HPE continues to push the boundaries in its support of NonStop solutions. However, this most recent road trip to Columbus, Ohio, proved to be anything but a routine event! We haven’t previously made the trip to NTI’s head office and had only met just a few of the team members at RUG meetings. This time we met with all the folks behind the DR Net ® products and we are pleased to report, NTI has a great team supporting its product lin

From Edge to Cloud …

Now that it’s all about the Edge and the Cloud, NTI has the solutions for NonStop users to move the data to wherever it is needed! And in the upcoming August issue of NonStop Insider, you will read of good questions being asked by NTI.   So, as we leave the core and head to the perimeter, what is over the edge for NonStop? “We are all conscious of just how cautious our NonStop clients are when it comes to making major changes,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “It’s been several years since HPE announced that NonStop X systems would become available but the NonStop user community has adopted a baby-steps approach to the introduction of these new NonStop X systems into production environments.” This isn’t a surprise for anyone familiar with the market places where NonStop supports mission critical applications, but all the same, noted Dunne, “Should we expect the movement to even more adventurous NonStop products like virtualization and NonStop as a Se