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NTI: Bringing value of partnerships to NonStop customers.

A popular Australian industry commentator, Kim Brebach the Content Chief & Business Strategist at Tech Torque Systems, recently posted to LinkedIn an examination of our over-reliance on terms that could best be described, for the most part, as being nothing more than a string of clichés. To drive home the point, Brebach pulled together the following: “I’m no visionary, evangelist, or thought leader either. A man has got to know his limitations. Visionary. Evangelist – I love amazing words that take your writing to the next level. And fancy ones like mesmerize, incentivize and monetize. Let's think strategically for a moment: if we put amazing words like these together with powerful clichés, we'll have a marriage made in heaven. We could own this space, right?” We may smile to ourselves as we read the above but coming as this does after we have all sat through many presentations on products and services that were given at this year’s All-Digital Experience, there were numer