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Edinburgh’s ETBC event made a positive impression on the NTI team – a lot of contacts were made!

For any vendor the prospect of travelling to faraway places generates mixed feelings. There is always that gnawing sense of trepidation that accompanies the thought of “what am I doing?” as well as the tingling sensation that comes with anticipating something new and exciting. And this year, the European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) for the NonStop community, hosted by BITUG, didn’t disappoint. Perhaps the one thing that wasn’t expected to be playing any sort of role had to do with our overall appreciation of the climate – Edinburgh put on a couple of sunny days that saw daytime temperatures exceed those of London, most of Spain and even Los Angeles! For your NTI team there were certainly many miles travelled to get to Edinburgh involving planes, trains and automobiles! However, to see just how large a group of NonStop community members made it to the event was heartwarming to say the least. So often in the past, Regional User Group (RUG) events have seen the bulk of participants