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NTI – a strategy unfolding for data integration that includes support for Splunk!

NTI has expended considerable energy to better understand the evolving dynamics inside today’s modern enterprise. Central to this pursuit was the recognition that data was no longer being used only to support specific applications and as such benefited from data replication solutions, but was needed elsewhere in the enterprise. Whether this data was subsequently ingested by big data solutions or loaded into data lakes, having access to data became critical for the analytics and deep learning algorithms in place at these enterprises. Data can no longer be considered as transactional data, operational data or simply historical or archival data – it is just data and it has a value. This value is what is now being aggressively pursued by enterprises as they differentiate their product offerings from those of their competitors. “It really has come down to behavior and expectations,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “It isn’t any good to know that a custo

Contemplating a brave new world, NonStop as a Service (NSaaS)

For almost a year now we have all seen slides in HPE NonStop presentations alluding to the third option for consuming NonStop – as a service. Looking at the complete picture, we can call up HPE and purchase a loaded NonStop X system that will meet all of our needs or we can opt instead to run virtualized NonStop, where we purchase the new converged virtualized NonStop, the NS2. But there is also an option to simply tap your friendly vendor on the arm and ask to run a couple of NonStop applications from the service the vendor is providing. For now, this is a little vague in terms of how to license and who will become one of those friendly vendors, but the die is cast. We will have three significant options to consider comes this time next year. There is no question that HPE has made a sizable investment in NonStop and no community is more surprised to read this than the NonStop community. After a decade of perceived indecision on the part of those close to NonStop it now appears

NTI and HPE are in agreement: it will be an enterprise “world that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.”

NTI is making the commitment to ensure the NonStop community understands the business problems it is addressing with DRNet® product. We gave a lot of presentations at events worldwide and for the remainder of the year, this commitment to take the NTI message to the NonStop community will continue as we pack our bags and head to events around the planet. From Ontario, Canada for CTUG, and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia for OzTUG. Of course, there is also the all-important NonStop Technical Boot Camp back here in California, drawing ever closer where we will be unveiling our new initiatives; and the message we will be taking to the NonStop community is that yes, it’s all about the data! When it comes to what can be expected to be the highlight of NTI’s presence, it will be about the alternative to NonStop RDF. "For those NonStop shops faced with finding alternatives to RDF, who require proven, seamless replacement technology featuring direct support and the lowest TCO