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NTI wonders; do you know the way to San Jose, or rather, to your computer?

  The boys are back on the diamond swinging for the fences while others are taking to the grid iron. Cars are once again racing on track even as rugby down-under is heading for finals. Everywhere you look in these troubled times, there are contests underway and the crowds may be cardboard cut-outs, but there is no denying that competitions are being taken seriously, no matter the contest.   When it comes to technology, competition couldn’t be fiercer. The potential to get your message before millions of “eyeballs” has become the main marketing outlet for many in business and for good reason, there are fewer readers of traditional media and network television is under real threat from streaming services. Hands up if you have access to channels from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+? Point is, none of this is lost on the NonStop community as we watch vendors vie for prominence in any decision-making situation.   One of the real benefits NonStop users enjoy is a constantly growing