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Partnering with TANDsoft adds to NTI product portfolio – FS Compare ensures secondary sites are in synch!

A central cooling plant in Google's data center in Douglas County, Georgia Data centers today are a far cry from what we have been used to seeing in the past. Less a case of raised flooring and I/O devices liberally scattered around with interfaces to channel processors almost as big as the central processing unit. One data center manager even went so far as to have a plaque in his office that read, “It’s not a computer unless I can walk through its channels!” However, despite this, the traditional data center still holds sway for most enterprises as there remains enterprise solutions that can be best served from systems buried in basements or even in old repurposed warehouses. The photo above doesn’t look like a data center. But upon further inspection it is the needed infrastructure to support a modern data center. Long gone are the deep false floors of the past, but still, the relative compactness and integration requires energy and cooling. At installations such as th