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Digging for oil – DRNet is helping NonStop users strike it rich!

NTI has been in business a very long time and has been providing support for NonStop users with its DR Net product set. Among its many customers there are numerous financial institutions relying on DR Net for data replication. When it comes to supporting payments solutions, these financial institutions cannot afford for their systems to be down for any reason and so historically, these institutions have depended upon DR Net to maximize their systems’ uptime, no matter what. However, DR Net offers so much more than just support for disaster recovery and with as much talk as there is today of maximizing the value locked away in the data these financial institutions accumulate over time, the replication capabilities of DR Net are being looked at again for DR Net applicability to integrate. In the post of April 2, 2018, reference is made to the recent article published in the March – April, 2018, issue of The Connection - Data is King: What NonStop Mission-Critical Applications

Down the road, IT will want information accumulating on NonStop; with DRNet all of IT gets to see this most valuable of resources – data!

It continues to be a story about RUG events both large and small. In the coming weeks focus too will be shifting to Europe as BITUG and the GTUG events will be taking place. We will be attending both of these events with a presentation on NTI and DR Net planned for GTUG. While we are in Europe we are planning on visiting a number of DR Net  users so we will be catching up with many of you. It is always a pleasure meeting with customers so this will be an intense period for us where we look forward to hearing more about your plans for NonStop. In recent conversations with industry leaders it is very clear that the IT landscape continues to evolve. HPE likes to call what is happening a transformation, but for the NonStop community that we interact with the paths being taken by them are as varied as the applications they support. While financial institutions and telcos are the two big verticals where you will find NonStop applications, there is still a large percentage of NonStop us

Data is King: What NonStop Mission-Critical Applications Can Learn from Formula 1

“Getting through the mountains of data generated in Formula 1 can be a ‘needle in a haystack’ process for teams searching for performance ... In a sporting series as technologically cutting-edge as Formula 1, data has become king.” For the NonStop community, this is throwing a spotlight on transaction processing in new ways. For every transaction initiated at a retailer, for instance, there is a need to know more about that end user (buying the product or service) in order to immediately up-sell something else. The time you have a customer in front of you can be very short, so retailers know the importance of leveraging those few minutes. This is leading to a greater demand for data integration; retailers are looking to integrate analytics with transaction processing in real time. Yes, data integration! And data integration is how meaningful information is created ... Of course we are all familiar with the need to ensure data is never lost or taken offline for any reason. W