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NTI – overcoming data’s Wild West “frontier days!”

In the most recent articles and blog posts featuring NTI and DR Net ® , there have been multiple references to the rapid uptick of interest in all things related to data – it’s now being said by HPE executives that data, together with time, represent the new currency (of business.) What HPE is telling the industry is that, when it comes to currency, “Data has become the new gold that backs the value of companies, though it is a gold that companies must locate, mine, and refine before spending. Business has shifted from making things to knowing things, so realizing usable data is the order of the day if a company wants to remain profitable.” Expressed slightly differently, HPE Labs’ Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker views it, “Data used to be the cost. Now it’s the most interesting potential.” When it comes to data and all the tools on offer to help discover the gold hidden in a company’s data, it’s like the times when the Gold Rush of old helped create America’s Wild West. For NTI,