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NTI taps new opportunities; NonStop users preparing to move-on from status quo.

”Maintaining the status quo is a recipe for stagnation,” so one source tapped recently. More to my way of thinking, when it comes to accepting the status quo, was the observation by Henry Ford; “If I would’ve asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Among the NonStop community there has never been support for just doing the same time and time again, rather, there was always a willingness to pursue new opportunities so long as the risk to NonStop itself could be managed. No NonStop user wanted to ever compromise the availability attribute of NonStop!   There continues to be a lot of emphasis placed on Digital Transformation (DX). New IDC Spending Guide Shows Continued Growth for Digital Transformation in 2020, Despite the Challenges Presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic , an IDC update of May 20, 2020, made it very clear that for the foreseeable future, DX would involve considerable effort being devoted to ensuring the right product mix is deployed across the e