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Breaking news from the team from Network Technologies International, Incorporated

Have you been keeping up with the news coming from the team from Network Technologies International, Incorporated? Just in case, there are new products and features announced and coming to market and for the remainder of this year, plenty of opportunities to catch the team at RUG events worldwide!

Is your business under pressure to integrate data created on NonStop with applications running elsewhere in your enterprise? Wanting to capitalize on real time data and metadata to gain better insights into end-user behavior?  
Introducing NTI's PROVisioning: Excellence in Data – a strategy encompassing data replication, data integration, data distribution and data transformation for seamless integration into enterprise analytic platforms. PROVisioning with DRNet®/Vision addresses all your solution needs allowing you to compete effectively in today’s business environment. As a long time, well-respected HPE NonStop solution provider, NTI has designed a lightweight solution to extend its curr…
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NTI performs well at N2TUG – support of JSON in DRNet® now a reality!

For your NTI team the month of June concluded with participation in the N2TUG event held outside Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas. The venue proved to be a good drawcard for the NonStop Regional User Group (RUG) members, with attendees filling the meeting room throughout the day. Always a good litmus test of the interest in all things NonStop, N2TUG didn’t disappoint and we were encouraged by the strength of the community. 

There is much to be said about RUG events these days and it’s all positive – with so much change happening at HPE and with as much engagement as there is today between HPE and the NonStop team, who would want to miss hearing about NonStop whenever an opportunity presents itself? NTI was one of two Gold Sponsors of the event and was also a cosponsor of the evening cocktail reception. This is part of an ongoing campaign by NTI management to support RUG gatherings wherever they occur around the world.
As for messages from HPE …

Las Vegas ignited considerable interest in HPE; NTI adds capabilities to better support NonStop!

Edinburgh’s European (NonStop) Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) proved to be very good for NTI as it took the wraps off its strategy for NonStop. Introducing the NonStop community to PROVisioning: Excellence in Data gave notice to all members of the NonStop community that NTI was very much aware of the strategy being pursued by HPE and was aligning its own product roadmaps to better leverage the new and the upcoming capabilities of HPE’s mission critical systems portfolio. There are many ways to ingest data created on NonStop, but building products using Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology ensures the speed needed to participate in today’s always connected, always on, world is guaranteed.

There are many ways to analyze data but having the fastest solution for inclusion in analytics processing in real time means NonStop users have access to the information even as transactions are being processed. Whether the data captured on NonStop is destined for processes performing replication, integ…

Edinburgh’s ETBC event made a positive impression on the NTI team – a lot of contacts were made!

For any vendor the prospect of travelling to faraway places generates mixed feelings. There is always that gnawing sense of trepidation that accompanies the thought of “what am I doing?” as well as the tingling sensation that comes with anticipating something new and exciting. And this year, the European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) for the NonStop community, hosted by BITUG, didn’t disappoint. Perhaps the one thing that wasn’t expected to be playing any sort of role had to do with our overall appreciation of the climate – Edinburgh put on a couple of sunny days that saw daytime temperatures exceed those of London, most of Spain and even Los Angeles!

For your NTI team there were certainly many miles travelled to get to Edinburgh involving planes, trains and automobiles! However, to see just how large a group of NonStop community members made it to the event was heartwarming to say the least. So often in the past, Regional User Group (RUG) events have seen the bulk of participants a rich…

NTI – Replication is just the starting line …

Across North America the headlines are focused on upcoming sports activities. There are playoffs under way in both professional basketball and ice hockey and of course cities around the country are awaiting the draft of eligible college football players looking to enter the ranks of the football profession. The U.S. isn’t alone when it comes to professional sports as many countries have routines in place to ensure there is a balance maintained when it comes to new talent entering professional sports and even for a member of a professional team there are still other lotteries and auctions held for assembling teams from the professionals, be that a football all-pro team in gridiron or something more global like the auction Indian cricket conducts each year to populate its lucrative cricket teams for a short term explosive competition.

Whatever sport is of any interest to you there is one common denominator – making it to the starting line. If the goal is visibility in prime time, getti…

NTI – a single strategy for DRNet® to deliver data to where it is needed now!

“By focusing on data as it has done for quite a long time, NTI is aware that just over the horizon, and only now coming into view, are (heavy) demands being placed on data. While much of the press eloquently portrays an upcoming tsunami of data following IoT connecting to our networks, it is the expectation that enterprises will be able to transform away from being reacting to where they are more likely to be predictive and prescriptive. And by this, it is NTI’s belief that a variety of tools already in use will demand greater access to data of every kind, be that from sensors on machines to transactions on terminals.”

If it’s been a while since you last checked out the latest feature article published in the digital publication, NonStop Insider, then you would have missed seeing the above that was part of the March, 2019, issue. And while it is NTI’s belief that a variety of tools already in use will demand greater access to data of every kind it’s equally NTI’s belief that any strate…

NTI – overcoming data’s Wild West “frontier days!”

In the most recent articles and blog posts featuring NTI and DRNet®, there have been multiple references to the rapid uptick of interest in all things related to data – it’s now being said by HPE executives that data, together with time, represent the new currency (of business.) What HPE is telling the industry is that, when it comes to currency, “Data has become the new gold that backs the value of companies, though it is a gold that companies must locate, mine, and refine before spending. Business has shifted from making things to knowing things, so realizing usable data is the order of the day if a company wants to remain profitable.”

Expressed slightly differently, HPE Labs’ Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker views it, “Data used to be the cost. Now it’s the most interesting potential.” When it comes to data and all the tools on offer to help discover the gold hidden in a company’s data, it’s like the times when the Gold Rush of old helped create America’s Wild West.

For NTI, it has b…