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NTI functions well with social distancing in place: even greater need for business continuity!

No matter how much we invest today in our home office, working from home is still that; we are at home, working. For many vendors within the NonStop community there has always been some of their employees who qualified as remote workers, but with today’s global pandemic still holding sway over much of the planet, it’s as if our home office has become the new “work central.” Almost nothing we do in support of NonStop customers sees us moving all that far away from our desks, whether set up in the living room, on the deck, in the basement or in the garage.

What NTI would like to emphasize is that from its earliest days, NTI has been about supporting our employees who prefer to work remotely. Development and support have worked remotely for many years – it’s just the nature of our business, working with the NonStop community, but today, you will find all of NTI working from home in accordance with directives and mandates imposed globally. It has always been about our people and we have ha…
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Partnering with TANDsoft adds to NTI product portfolio – FS Compare ensures secondary sites are in synch!

A central cooling plant in Google's data center in Douglas County, Georgia

Data centers today are a far cry from what we have been used to seeing in the past. Less a case of raised flooring and I/O devices liberally scattered around with interfaces to channel processors almost as big as the central processing unit. One data center manager even went so far as to have a plaque in his office that read, “It’s not a computer unless I can walk through its channels!” However, despite this, the traditional data center still holds sway for most enterprises as there remains enterprise solutions that can be best served from systems buried in basements or even in old repurposed warehouses.

The photo above doesn’t look like a data center. But upon further inspection it is the needed infrastructure to support a modern data center. Long gone are the deep false floors of the past, but still, the relative compactness and integration requires energy and cooling. At installations such as this Google…

SunTUG was the place to be – news and updates provided by NTI

RUG events kicked off in earnest in February with all roads leading to Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State. SunTUG has traditionally pulled together a very large cross section of the NonStop community and it didn’t disappoint in 2020 – close to 100 attendees participated in the two days of planned activities. When it came time to giving away gifts as the show came to a close, it was Jim Keene of JPMC who took home the prized NTI iPad.
NTI has provided a strong support to RUG and GEO events worldwide where our message has resonated well with all members of the NonStop community. However, together with our colleagues across the NonStop vendor landscape we are now being challenged as authorities are aggressively dissuading events of any kind from taking place. To this end, we are adhering to any requests for postponements or cancellations on the understanding that it is our responsibility to comply with requests for social distancing.
Nevertheless, NonStop systems continue to be a much ne…

For NTI – Vision and Strategy turns to Products

NTI has been describing its vision and strategy for some time and in 2020 there is a full rollout of new products and features centered on DRNet®.While it is relatively easy to whiteboard marketing plans covering vision and strategy, they still need to be implemented in products for the real world. And NTI is delivering today! The NonStop community is familiar with “slideware” and as interesting as many presentations on data may be, there still is no substitute for usable products in the real world.

Throughout 2019 if there was a RUG or GEO event anywhere in the world, you would have heard all about the PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. The catalyst for making the move into a more data centric view of the world has been a direct result of the changes happening with NonStop. Data has taken center stage! Data is the new currency of business! Mining data reveals true nuggets that are pure gold!

It’s only a short time ago that NonStop transformed into a software solution – as a converged s…

Late-breaking news – you will hear more about NonStop in 2020 at RUG events worldwide!

The NonStop community is a very strong community that has taken considerable pride in organizing meetings on a regular basis. Community members have been associated with NonStop systems for three or more decades, perhaps longer. The history of NonStop is rich with anecdotes about who deployed what and when, even as the NonStop vendor community has thrived on solving business problems.

As one NonStop vendor put it recently in a presentation to the NonStop community, “We come together to better educate ourselves about the best ways to improve business outcomes; compelling value propositions built for NonStop need to be reinforced at every opportunity.” If you want to get the inside scoop on all that is planned for NonStop in 2020, whether this comes from the NonStop team or the NonStop vendor community, make plans to attend RUG events as they are held near your location.
NonStop systems always made a strong case for supporting mission critical solutions. As the pioneer of fault tolerant …

NTI - looking forward to the promise of 2020!

Today there is visibly more enthusiasm over the future of NonStop within HPE and it comes from the top, with executives talking openly of how they see the role being played by NonStop growing in importance. After all, as we heard said frequently in 2019, when it comes to NonStop then yes, we create the data! In today’s highly connected world, where access to data is instantaneous, having the right data in the right place is of paramount importance where data created on NonStop continues to be the freshest and highly valued and in an environment where HPE is telling CIOs that data is the new currency of business it’s pleasing to all NonStop stakeholders to hear of NonStop being talked about in this manner.

Igniting the level of enthusiasm now in evidence among the NonStop team has secondary effects on the NonStop community that too are quite noticeable – a renewed enthusiasm for NonStop. As contagious as such enthusiasm has become it’s just the start, as the major role data replicatio…

NTI prominent at TBC 2019 – Data Integration with Cloud to play bigger role for DRNet® users!

The level of participation in HPE NonStop’s annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) was encouraging to see and now that attendees have returned home, there is ample time to cover topics that were popular at the event. Clearly, it’s become increasingly noticeable that enterprises worldwide are embracing hybrid IT and that clouds are playing an important role in many of the decisions enterprises are making. Who wouldn’t want to become more productive at less cost? Who wouldn’t want to break the cycle of upfront investments for a more flexible, pay-as-you-go, model?

The number of times presentations highlighting the benefits of IT embracing an Operational Expense (OpEx) model, versus the traditional Capital Expense (CapEx) options of the past, were hard to miss. The NonStop team is fully behind models that extend the “as-a-Service” option even as at this time these were baby-steps on a journey many NonStop users would be undertaking over the course of the coming decade.

This is where hybr…