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NTI: Pioneers do it first!

  For anyone living west of the mighty Mississippi River, signs from pioneering times exist almost everywhere you turn. The wagon ruts left behind by the wheels of many wagon trains that headed to California and Oregon are still visible on grassy fields. Being first to lay claim to the richness of those faraway lands was the prize these pioneers sought with every journey they took. You don’t have to live in the US to view such markers, as early settlers in Australia likewise turned to pioneers to break out from coastal living and cross the great divide. The Zig Zag railway line, pictured above, that followed those early pioneering explorers to the west of Sydney is a clear reminder of the difficulties that arise as natural barriers are overcome. So named Zig Zag as the railway line crisscrossed the mountainside when passing over the country’s Blue Mountains.  Rivers, mountains and even the oceans that surround us have all proved challenging at some point and when it comes to our IT
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NTI continues to grow ecosystem of partners to better serve NonStop community

  It would be hard to miss the growth in the ecosystem of partners NTI has attracted. The NonStop community is familiar with the DR Net ® product suite but this hasn’t stopped NTI reaching out to product, service and consulting companies to ensure NTI’s coverage worldwide. The presence of these partners in an ecosystem does two things for the company; it reassures prospects that there have been others before them, so risks are greatly reduced and it reinforces the NonStop community at large that the company and its products provide a compelling reason for others to consider DR Net ® in the future.   A lot has changed within the NonStop community. HPE has invested in the NonStop product line and there are numerous options available to the community. NonStop continues to be sold along traditional lines as a converged system but it is also available as a virtual system on customer-supplied x86 servers. These options have become well known, but perhaps even more interesting is the move

Concerto to partner with NTI addressing new markets for DRNet®

  January 21, 2021 - Press Release Effective immediately, NTI and Concerto have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Concerto will sell and support the DR Net ® product suite in markets not previously served by NTI.   As NTI and Concerto are HPE Silver Partners, there is considerable synergy with regards to the way they both embrace the HPE NonStop product portfolio. With this agreement in place, Concerto will leverage its extensive expertise in NonStop and Payments whereby businesses relying on NonStop will be able to capitalize on the benefits provided by DR Net ®. NTI has had enjoyed success with DR Net ® in many markets and when it comes to replicating data and following the unveiling of its vision for data, PRO Visioning : Excellence in Data , NonStop customers have begun to better understand just how easy it is to turn to DR Net ® for all their data movement needs. Built upon the Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies that NTI was first to bring to the NonStop marke

Keeping your data as safe as you

  If you work in Computer Science, you are doubtless familiar with Murphy's Law, which states that whatever can go wrong, will eventually go wrong. Faith and prayer rarely help.  And this talk is not just theoretical, stories of tech disasters in the NonStop Community prove this point again and again. Over the many years since Tandem was born in the 1970s the community has learned that data is really your most important asset, and without it we have no business at all.  The story I really love is of the Tandem disk packs when disks were configured liked top-loading washing machines.  An earthquake shook these disk-packs, so much so that one of them fell on its side.  The client called Support in a panic, but fortunately the system carried on running as normal. A couple of engineers had to come round to set the unit back upright, but everything just kept on running!  It could have been a much worse situation, but even with the best laid plans something unusual can happen.  There hav

NTI: Bringing value of partnerships to NonStop customers.

A popular Australian industry commentator, Kim Brebach the Content Chief & Business Strategist at Tech Torque Systems, recently posted to LinkedIn an examination of our over-reliance on terms that could best be described, for the most part, as being nothing more than a string of clichés. To drive home the point, Brebach pulled together the following: “I’m no visionary, evangelist, or thought leader either. A man has got to know his limitations. Visionary. Evangelist – I love amazing words that take your writing to the next level. And fancy ones like mesmerize, incentivize and monetize. Let's think strategically for a moment: if we put amazing words like these together with powerful clichés, we'll have a marriage made in heaven. We could own this space, right?” We may smile to ourselves as we read the above but coming as this does after we have all sat through many presentations on products and services that were given at this year’s All-Digital Experience, there were numer

NTI: Bringing our core competency to NonStop customers.

  The 2020 NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), the All-Digital Experience, as it was promoted, is now behind us. For many seasoned NonStop community members, the knowledge that 2,000 community members had registered for the event and that the count of active participants routinely pushed north of 1,500 truly signifies that there is continued interest in all things NonStop. Within the industry, the “stickiness” of NonStop is well-known, but even so this turn-out by the NonStop community must rate among the highest ever dating back to the days of ITUG Summits past.   In the presentations given by NonStop team members, there was the inclusion of the NonStop partner ecosystem. A bright display of vendor logos, whether they sold products, provided services or consulted on everything from utilities and frameworks to the NS SQL/MX database. The NonStop partner community is thriving and in ways that continues to surprise other technology communities and for good reason. The knowledge of all thi

NTI: Integrating mission critical data created on NonStop with BI for greater business insight!

According to HPE CEO, Antonio Neri, we are entering the age of insight. “Researchers and providers were overwhelmed by the volume of the data - unable to create insights and action from portions of information. I believe we are nearing the end of the information era, which focused on generating and collecting massive amounts of data - data that could not be brought together to create timely insights and actions to change our future,” said Neri at this year’s HPE Discover virtual event. “The next decade must be about insights and discoveries …” Industry bloggers have picked up on this renewed emphasis on insight as well. In a post last year, one such blogger began by saying, “As disruptive technologies emerge and find large-scale adoption, there is an influx of massive amounts of data within enterprises. Scattered data exists across various systems in companies … it’s important to have it streamlined, organized, and simplified into a cohesive whole.” In the summation, the blogger reiter