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Concerto to partner with NTI addressing new markets for DRNet®

 January 21, 2021 - Press Release

Effective immediately, NTI and Concerto have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Concerto will sell and support the DRNet® product suite in markets not previously served by NTI.  As NTI and Concerto are HPE Silver Partners, there is considerable synergy with regards to the way they both embrace the HPE NonStop product portfolio. With this agreement in place, Concerto will leverage its extensive expertise in NonStop and Payments whereby businesses relying on NonStop will be able to capitalize on the benefits provided by DRNet®.

NTI has had enjoyed success with DRNet® in many markets and when it comes to replicating data and following the unveiling of its vision for data, PROVisioning: Excellence in Data, NonStop customers have begun to better understand just how easy it is to turn to DRNet® for all their data movement needs. Built upon the Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies that NTI was first to bring to the NonStop market data can be replicated for business continuity; integration with external databases, data warehouses and data lakes; meet the demands to distribute data from core to edge and provide business with opportunities to transform and enrich data as required.

Concerto is an established services provider supporting a number of well-known NonStop partners and the addition of NTI as partner further strengthens its posture in markets that it serves. Under the terms of this agreement, Concerto will focus on markets in Asia, India, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Concerto and NTI will work together on opportunities that may arise outside of these markets in the pursuit of new business opportunities.

“We see this new arrangement as being a continuation of our desire to build-out an ecosystem of partners that working together will ensure NonStop customers can have access to DRNet® irrespective of their location,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “For some time now we have realized that the best approach to take to enter markets previously out of reach has been to involve partners and we see this new relationship with Concerto as having positive benefits for both parties as well as the NonStop customers we both serve.”

“Through the years we have seen the progress NTI has made in enhancing the DRNet® product suite and have been impressed with the scope of its capabilities,” said Siddhartha Pande Concerto CEO. “When it comes to providing the best possible service to our customers, Concerto can now offer DRNet® assured in the knowledge of it being the premier data replication product with a long history of serving the NonStop community. Name recognition alone was enough to encourage us to complete this agreement and we are looking forward to working with NTI.”

About NTI:

As the premier provider of mission-critical disaster recovery solutions for HP NonStop, NTI maintains a 24-hour hotline to back up worldwide customers with experienced product support staff in the United States and Europe. NTI has a proven track record of delivering technologically superior solutions as well as the experience to make them work for customers. NTI’s commitment to active research and development ensures the future availability of significant product enhancements for NTI clients.

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About Concerto:

Concerto Software and Systems having its principal office in Mumbai India is one of the most trusted players in providing the best-in-class Payment Solutions & Services. Powered by a skilled team who continuously excel and innovate, Concerto designs, develops and implements Payment systems across the globe. Concerto is preferred partner for many Leading Companies offering Products on NonStop platform and also the trusted service partner for the Global leaders in Payment Systems.

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