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For the NonStop community, when choosing a unified solution for data replication the place to be is in a safe haven …

As anyone who has ventured to sea knows all too well, it is wise to spend times looking over your charts to view those harbors that offer a safe haven should anything unexpected eventuate. Pilots too know where they can land safely should they experience difficulties and are ever watchful for airfields suitable for emergency landings, whether it’s violent weather-related turbulence or much worse, perhaps an engine that fails. Avoiding disaster is never far from the minds of those who venture into the unknown. Much closer to home perhaps, in these times through which we have all lived, many of us have discovered our safe haven, whether it’s an outside corner table at a café or simply a cozy room at home, relief has been possible far removed, as it were, from all that is happening outside of our immediate surroundings. In any endeavor there is always the need to minimize risk and for the NonStop community as they contemplate replacing legacy products with more modern offerings, there is