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NTI helps NonStop users leverage the product “cap.”

  The boys of summer have taken to the fields and once again, are swinging for the fences. Whether your sport happens to be baseball, gridiron, football or even cricket, there has been many attempts at ensuring parity between the teams. Setting limits on budgets and even personnel, have been one somewhat successful attempt to ensure fairness, but even so, the need to work with less to achieve even more continues to make headlines.   There is no question that the benefits that come with focusing on key contributors continue to drive the fortunes of the best clubs. After all, whether it is a sports team or an enterprises IT organization there are only so many ways you can dissect a budget!   What is perhaps less discussed is the product caps we leverage for the benefit of our enterprise. An enterprise could purchase every hardware and software product on the market only to find connecting the pieces beyond its capabilities. Leveraging key solutions to the benefit of the enterpris