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NTI continues to grow ecosystem of partners to better serve NonStop community

  It would be hard to miss the growth in the ecosystem of partners NTI has attracted. The NonStop community is familiar with the DR Net ® product suite but this hasn’t stopped NTI reaching out to product, service and consulting companies to ensure NTI’s coverage worldwide. The presence of these partners in an ecosystem does two things for the company; it reassures prospects that there have been others before them, so risks are greatly reduced and it reinforces the NonStop community at large that the company and its products provide a compelling reason for others to consider DR Net ® in the future.   A lot has changed within the NonStop community. HPE has invested in the NonStop product line and there are numerous options available to the community. NonStop continues to be sold along traditional lines as a converged system but it is also available as a virtual system on customer-supplied x86 servers. These options have become well known, but perhaps even more interesting is the move