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Replication and integration – for NTI, that precious resource, data, can help business innovate!

“It was certainly an enjoyable occasion being at GTUG just a week or so ago,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI, in his latest email exchange with NonStop Insider. “There is always some sacrifices to be made in supporting our European customers at events like GTUG but being able to combine time at GTUG with time at BITUG the week before certainly lessened any sacrifice on my part. Looking back on those two weeks, I wouldn’t have missed the opportunity for any reason!” At this latest GTUG – the European NonStop HotSpot 2018 Conference & Exhibition – “we had Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technologies present on our behalf and his session was well attended,” added Dunne. If you had missed the opportunity to sit in on the presentation, there is now a pdf of Richard’s presentation available from GTUG and can be viewed by going to the GTUG page . More importantly was the theme of the presentation: When it comes

Successful RUG participation behind us, DRNet® leaves its mark on NonStop!

After a number of posts featuring gushing oil wells and shining gold bars together with well-weathered silos, it’s not too difficult to surmise how the story line unfolded for DR Net® at recent NonStop Regional User Group meetings. Taking DR Net® management to different continents and experiencing first-hand the priorities being set by NonStop users, RUG meetings never disappoint when it comes to providing a forum for discussion concerning the opportunities befalling NonStop today. Perhaps the concluding social event at the recent GTUG hosted European NonStop HotSpot 2018/IT-Symposium 2018 - Conference & Exhibition provided the best image of the NonStop community (now driving forward with numerous new product offerings) as the doors of the nearby Leipzig Porsche factory were thrown wide open. For me nothing sums up forward movement better than a Porsche car and so it was, as GTUG wound down, attendees left with impressions not only of the options they had but also of the

Texas T! Black gold! It’s time to head south for N2TUG.

The next gathering of the NonStop community will be in Plano, just outside Dallas, Texas. The N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) will be holding a major get-together with special guest, Jimmy Treybig. For those who may not recall the origins of Tandem Computers, Jimmy was the founder and even today, the community always finds time to listen to what he has to say and this time, he will be talking about “The NonStop Journey!” Naturally enough, there will be a cocktail reception to follow. RUG events continue to develop momentum and from the anecdotal evidence at hand, each RUG event this year appears to be outdoing the one before. Fresh from returning from GTUG in Leipzig, Germany, where we heard directly from Randy Meyer, VP & GM of HPE Mission Critical Systems, who was well-supported by Franz Koenig, HPE Senior Manager, World Wide Advanced Technology Center & Strategy, there is even more to be discussed at N2TUG. Clouds, virtualization and updates on the transformatio