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Texas T! Black gold! It’s time to head south for N2TUG.

The next gathering of the NonStop community will be in Plano, just outside Dallas, Texas. The N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) will be holding a major get-together with special guest, Jimmy Treybig. For those who may not recall the origins of Tandem Computers, Jimmy was the founder and even today, the community always finds time to listen to what he has to say and this time, he will be talking about “The NonStop Journey!”

Naturally enough, there will be a cocktail reception to follow. RUG events continue to develop momentum and from the anecdotal evidence at hand, each RUG event this year appears to be outdoing the one before. Fresh from returning from GTUG in Leipzig, Germany, where we heard directly from Randy Meyer, VP & GM of HPE Mission Critical Systems, who was well-supported by Franz Koenig, HPE Senior Manager, World Wide Advanced Technology Center & Strategy, there is even more to be discussed at N2TUG.

Clouds, virtualization and updates on the transformation to hybrid IT – messages that HPE continues to promote. And for good cause; these messages are all part of a strategy that is central to HPE’s return to growth. NonStop is part of the strategy and this was clearly demonstrated when HPE elected to go with NonStop systems first in support of blockchain. At N2TUG the NonStop community will hear more of this initiative from the newly appointed WW Head of Sales, Blockchain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jeff Skinner. Jeff was formerly head of sales for Mission Critical Systems across the Americas and is well known to the NonStop community.

“Listening to Jeff will be interesting as blockchain is a popular topic,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “Anything that contributes to further sales growth for NonStop systems is a good thing. Of course, we will be looking to see what requirements arise for data replication where DRNet® can play a role as the implementation of blockchain on NonStop utilizes NonStop SQL and that’s something we know a lot about!”  

There will be other topics covered at N2TUG of course – there’s a full agenda that mixes HPE and vendor presentations and “I will be an attendee and only too happy to discuss the benefits of DRNet®,” Dunne said. Should data replication be an area of interest for you and your company, you can always catch Dunne for a conversation and yes, if you need to know about DRNet® you can visit the NTI web site at any time for more information about DRNet® – just check under the PRODUCTS tab or reach out to the sales team at NTI via email or simply call us at +1.614.794.6000 


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