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NTI – Clouds, Analytics, Data Lakes and Warehouses; with DRNet® / Vision NonStop users can have it all!

There isn’t a day that passes where there isn’t a reference to clouds in industry publications – whether public or private clouds, managed or otherwise. These almost constant references to clouds are driving the conversation within the IT industry to the point where almost any other model for data processing, as we have known IT for a number of decades, is considered legacy. And yet, for the NonStop community, with its affinity for fault tolerant platforms in support of mission critical applications, the move to support clouds will be at best gradual, with a degree of caution, with many baby steps as the NonStop users come to terms with applications and data moving to a platform that in and of itself is fragile in comparison to NonStop.  Following on from the introduction of NTI’s key message of PRO Visioning : Excellence in Data – ready to deliver data from NonStop to almost any imaginable target – products are now being unveiled. And the conversations concerning clouds are ta

Breaking news from the team from Network Technologies International, Incorporated

Have you been keeping up with the news coming from the team from Network Technologies International, Incorporated? Just in case, there are new products and features announced and coming to market and for the remainder of this year, plenty of opportunities to catch the team at RUG events worldwide! Is your business under pressure to integrate data created on NonStop with applications running elsewhere in your enterprise? Wanting to capitalize on real time data and metadata to gain better insights into end-user behavior?   Introducing NTI's PROVisioning: Excellence in Data – a strategy encompassing data replication, data integration, data distribution and data transformation for seamless integration into enterprise analytic platforms. PROVisioning with DRNet®/Vision addresses all your solution needs allowing you to compete effectively in today’s business environment.      As a long time, well-respected HPE NonStop solution provider, NTI has designed a lightweight solu