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Digging for oil – DRNet is helping NonStop users strike it rich!

NTI has been in business a very long time and has been providing support for NonStop users with its DRNet product set. Among its many customers there are numerous financial institutions relying on DRNet for data replication. When it comes to supporting payments solutions, these financial institutions cannot afford for their systems to be down for any reason and so historically, these institutions have depended upon DRNet to maximize their systems’ uptime, no matter what. However, DRNet offers so much more than just support for disaster recovery and with as much talk as there is today of maximizing the value locked away in the data these financial institutions accumulate over time, the replication capabilities of DRNet are being looked at again for DRNet applicability to integrate.

In the post of April 2, 2018, reference is made to the recent article published in the March – April, 2018, issue of The Connection - Data is King: What NonStop Mission-Critical Applications Can Learn from Formula 1. “Of course we are all familiar with the need to ensure data is never lost or taken offline for any reason,” we said, quoting the article. “DRNet has been involved in moving data for many decades now and is relied upon to ensure the degree of availability and integrity IT demands.” However, probably more importantly, “DRNet has been enhanced and is making a strong case for consideration when it comes to data integration.”

What is often overlooked today is that NTI’s product, DRNet, is an abbreviation for Data Resource Networking – a product name that oftentimes doesn’t convey all that we do, even as the acronym has often been mistaken for Disaster Recovery Networking. It’s very true that for many of our customers, support for Disaster Recovery is the key capability of DRNet that they capitalize on but when you consider DRNet today, it is more about Disaster Avoidance, even as it is a tool developed to get at the most valuable resource in IT – the data! And fundamentally, when it comes to those payments solutions that have been supported by DRNet over the years, this awaking awareness about the value of data isn’t coming as a surprise to NTI. We protected it in the past and now we are working to better integrate it with the rest of IT!

In the April 2018 issue of the magazine, Digital Transactions, in closing an article on Trends & Tactics, Richard Crone of Crone Consulting, San Carlos, California, suggests “Data is the new oil. Payment is the well.” It may be a bit dramatic but it does convey the significance of data and the value it is providing those financial institutions supporting payments solutions. After all, the transactions that flow through their platforms include insights into their customers and are along with transactions’ elements helping to predict customers’ future behavior. However, this transactional data is just one piece of the picture – a jigsaw puzzle oftentimes – and as such it needs to be integrated with data warehouses, data lakes and other related technologies supporting today’s business analytics processing. Without access to all the data, results from these analytics may end up skewed improperly. DRNet is the best solution if you really want to strike oil when looking at all the data you acquire with your payments solution!

DRNet is all about networking data resources and while in the past this property of DRNet has helped NTI address the all-important issue of disaster avoidance, it is critical to recognize just how valuable a role DRNet can play in future data integration projects. Integration will be a highlight of NTI’s presentation at the upcoming GTUG / European NonStop HotSpot - Conference & Exhibition and should this be an area of interest for you and your company, make sure you join us for this update on DRNet. And remember too, visit the
NTI web site for more information about DRNet – just check under the PRODUCTS tab or reach out to the sales team at NTI via email or simply call us at +1.614.794.6000  

                                                                                                                                                             (Reposted from Tandemworld digital publication: April, 2018 )


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