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NTI – Replication is just the starting line …

Across North America the headlines are focused on upcoming sports activities. There are playoffs under way in both professional basketball and ice hockey and of course cities around the country are awaiting the draft of eligible college football players looking to enter the ranks of the football profession. The U.S. isn’t alone when it comes to professional sports as many countries have routines in place to ensure there is a balance maintained when it comes to new talent entering professional sports and even for a member of a professional team there are still other lotteries and auctions held for assembling teams from the professionals, be that a football all-pro team in gridiron or something more global like the auction Indian cricket conducts each year to populate its lucrative cricket teams for a short term explosive competition.

Whatever sport is of any interest to you there is one common denominator – making it to the starting line. If the goal is visibility in prime time, getting started is just the beginning and taking up a position on the starting line and with it, the visibility that comes with your presence, represents a new beginning for many of these up and coming elite athletes. Much the same can be said for technology solutions today – getting to the starting line and then gaining the attention of the market place as they deliver those capabilities necessary to remain competitive are important in today’s business world.

NTI has pioneered Change Data Capture (CDC) technology for pulling just the changed data from files and databases to replicate to another server. However, in today’s world of Hybrid IT data from anywhere in the data center and beyond is in demand by solutions running elsewhere in the data center and yes, beyond. Moving past the models for IT where there were primary and backup data centers to where there were multiple active data centers sharing the transaction processing loads, the industry now talks about on-prem and in the cloud with as much ease and confidence as they once did with on-prem computers. Yes, replication provides a much needed capability to pull data as it changes on one system and deliver it to another system but this is only the beginning – data replication is today’s starting line.

If as yet you haven’t read the feature article published in the April, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider,
NTI – leveraging CDC to aid NonStop inclusion in Data Warehouses and Data Analytics it talked about how DRNet® is leveraging its strength with replication capabilities to feed data, in real time, to off-platform solutions, such as SPLUNK: 

“The beauty of Splunk arises from the work Splunk has done to understand literally thousands of record types from all manner of files and databases as well as supporting numerous popular APIs,” said Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, at a recent gathering of NonStop users. “There is almost immediate value gained in using Splunk to analyze data particularly when that data is being created by mission critical applications running on NonStop. And right now, we are taking advantage of Splunk’s support for any JDBC compliant database even as we are adding JSON support in the near future.”

Dunne also said that “DRNet® VISION for Splunk is just the beginning as NTI has every intention to capitalize on JSON in coming months to replicate to Hadoop, Kafka, Search Engines, AWS, etc. Again, talking to the user community at the SunTUG RUG event, interest in this solution seems to be keen as well.”

NTI is pursuing a strategy that is centered on data where its CDC knowledge can be leveraged to the benefit of all NonStop users. This strategy involves DRNet® supporting replication, distribution, integration and transformation of data to meet whatever new language and technology becomes de rigueur, be that Splunk or anything else NonStop users need to support for their enterprise.

When it comes to NTI leveraging DRNet® to better integrate data generated on NonStop systems with solutions designed to readily visualize complex data sets, in almost near real time, such as Splunk can provide, it represents turning CDC and replication into essentially “professional-grade” solutions for data or, as Dunne recently observed, “At NTI, with DRNet® we have gone beyond replication so you have not only a back-up for peace of mind, ensuring continuity of your business, but to where you have an opportunity to derive greater value from your data. NonStop has been the premier platform when it comes to transaction processing and now, with DRNet® and with DRNet® VISION for Splunk, the data generated on NonStop can make it onto prime time as its professional grade properties are welcomed by all adjacent platforms needing access to data generated in real time.”  

To read the feature published in NonStop Insider, make sure you check out the April issue by clicking on the hyperlink included above of cutting and pasting this link into you browser -


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