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NTI performs well at N2TUG – support of JSON in DRNet® now a reality!

For your NTI team the month of June concluded with participation in the N2TUG event held outside Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas. The venue proved to be a good drawcard for the NonStop Regional User Group (RUG) members, with attendees filling the meeting room throughout the day. Always a good litmus test of the interest in all things NonStop, N2TUG didn’t disappoint and we were encouraged by the strength of the community. 

There is much to be said about RUG events these days and it’s all positive – with so much change happening at HPE and with as much engagement as there is today between HPE and the NonStop team, who would want to miss hearing about NonStop whenever an opportunity presents itself? NTI was one of two Gold Sponsors of the event and was also a cosponsor of the evening cocktail reception. This is part of an ongoing campaign by NTI management to support RUG gatherings wherever they occur around the world.

As for messages from HPE it’s hard to miss the focus on Hybrid IT, the Cloud and the Intelligent Edge. The message of the transformation under way with NonStop is very clear – from its origins in traditional systems to where today NonStop has become a collection of virtual machines, where those machines can be as varied as the customer needs demand – from racks and blades to towers to clouds – the options continue to grow. For NTI this is not only encouraging but whetting their appetite for even greater investment in NonStop and it was a very clear new message from NTI too - PROVisioning: Excellence in Data

This is a message anchored on Change Data Capture (CDC) principals but where targets can be peer NonStop systems with data replicated for business continuity but equally to where data on NonStop is being integrated with other systems for more accurate and timely business insight, distributed to other systems for improved business cooperation and transformed for greater business opportunity.

However, when it comes to integration, there were commitments given to complement current approaches reliant upon JDBC interfaces with support of JSON. Following N2TUG, early Proof of Concept (PoC) work has wrapped up successfully and JSON support is now an available option that will prove invaluable for many NonStop customers. While there is always a strong case to be made about the added value of staging on an intermediate server, going direct to any server with ports available to receive JSON messages not only improves performance but also accelerates greater usage of data created on NonStop.
It was at N2TUG where the promise of support of JSON was made and if you missed reading about this commitment and all that will be provided to the NonStop community as part of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data check out the most recent article published in the July 2019 issue of NonStop Insider, NTI – Continuing to deliver the message of to the wider NonStop community at RUG events worldwide! where you will come across the following:

PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is about to get even more exciting for the NonStop community as NTI has just begun testing its support for JSON. While there are many NonStop customers that don’t mind passing through a gateway server on their way to data warehouses / data lakes, with NTI supporting JSON as part of its DRNet® / Vision for Splunk product these gateway servers can be bypassed, lowering latency and increasing performance across the links.

Increasingly, enterprises are turning to products like Splunk to better visualize all that is happening within their mission critical systems and for the NonStop community, where NonStop systems are oftentimes at the very heart of the mission critical systems, this new capability will likely prove very popular.
When considering the marketplace for data replication, it is often the case that customers are looking for replication products to do a lot more than simply extract from one database to populate another as part of their business continuity strategy. Together, support for JDBC and JSON connectivity options allow data generated on NonStop by mission critical transaction processing solutions to be distributed almost anywhere across the enterprise. And beyond!

Furthermore, by utilizing a Change Data Capture (CDC) approach at the source, NTI utilizes a low-impact, log-based techniques that run independently of the application and it is
DRNet® asynchronous model that also allows it to coexist with any other log-based solutions of which there are many in use today.

There will be more to say about NTI and the support for JSON provided by NTI in the DRNet® product suite participating in the new PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. If you haven’t read the article published in the July, 2019 issue of NonStop Insider, referenced above, simply go to the article by clicking on the hyperlink included above or just as  easily, cut and paste this link into you browser -


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