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Late-breaking news – you will hear more about NonStop in 2020 at RUG events worldwide!

The NonStop community is a very strong community that has taken considerable pride in organizing meetings on a regular basis. Community members have been associated with NonStop systems for three or more decades, perhaps longer. The history of NonStop is rich with anecdotes about who deployed what and when, even as the NonStop vendor community has thrived on solving business problems.

As one NonStop vendor put it recently in a presentation to the NonStop community, “We come together to better educate ourselves about the best ways to improve business outcomes; compelling value propositions built for NonStop need to be reinforced at every opportunity.” If you want to get the inside scoop on all that is planned for NonStop in 2020, whether this comes from the NonStop team or the NonStop vendor community, make plans to attend RUG events as they are held near your location.

NonStop systems always made a strong case for supporting mission critical solutions. As the pioneer of fault tolerant computing, these systems were designed with the understanding that at any given time something will fail and more often than not, failure will occur at the most critical time. However, of late, having a system that doesn’t fail is no longer enough.

Disasters, natural or otherwise – and we have all seen the result of devastating fires raging across Australia – can easily take out even the best designed and protected data center. Secondary and even tertiary data centers are now common place. When it comes to compelling arguments, there is little to be said against ensuring one data center can cover for another provided that the data is current. Bidirectional replication is a must and this is very much on the minds of the occupants of the corner office.  

In the most recent article just published in the January 2020 issue of NonStop Insider, NTI – a strategy for DRNet® that is centered on data and you will be hearing even more at RUG events in 2020! NTI looks at the community, at HPE’s strategy and in turn, provides an update on NTI’s own strategy that is anchored on data and that began with data replication -

Whenever we think of the NonStop user community, almost immediately we are drawn towards the much bigger ecosystem that the NonStop community enjoys – a highly motivated group of vendors focused on NonStop that fund development independent of HPE. As it was stated more than once at the major NonStop events in Edinburgh and Burlingame and repeated at smaller events like ATUG, Atlanta, no other group within HPE has as big a partner ecosystem committed to a HPE product line as does NonStop.

What the NonStop community is hearing from the HPE NonStop team is very positive and is bringing a wider range of options to data center managers and indeed to corporate CIOs -

With what we are seeing today, the moves to bring to the community Converged NonStop systems, Virtualized Converged Systems, Virtualized NonStop and yes, even NonStop and NonStop SQL as Services, NSaaS / DBaaS, are providing options as to how best deploy NonStop that are broader than we can recall happening at any other time.

Reinforcing the messages arising from NTI’s strategy that have been the subject of presentations given to the NonStop community in 2019, our decades of experience with replication opens the doors to more products coming from HPE under our new initiative -  

This has proved to be the starting point for NTI as it continues to develop product offerings that extend beyond business continuity with data replication and into business integration, distribution and transformation.

DRNet® [is building] on the promise of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. Why Provisioning? Whether it is due to natural occurrences from floods to fires … provisioning is all about supplying something for use while at the same time, being prepared for any potential liabilities arising from unexpected occurrences.

To read this article published in the January 2020 issue of NonStop Insider, simply click on the hyperlink above or cut and paste this link into you browser –

And as you continue to plan to attend upcoming NonStop events in 2020, make sure you keep open the date for the next big NonStop event to be held in Berlin, Germany:

HPE NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium (Berlin) May 4 – 6, 2020, should prove to be the highlight of the European event season -

Not forgetting:

SunTUG (Florida) February 28, 2020

DUST (Arizona) March 20, 2020

And looking further out:
        CTUG (Mississauga, Ontario) September 23 – 24, 2020

NonStop TBC (Burlingame) November 16 – 18, 2020


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