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NTI functions well with social distancing in place: even greater need for business continuity!

No matter how much we invest today in our home office, working from home is still that; we are at home, working. For many vendors within the NonStop community there has always been some of their employees who qualified as remote workers, but with today’s global pandemic still holding sway over much of the planet, it’s as if our home office has become the new “work central.” Almost nothing we do in support of NonStop customers sees us moving all that far away from our desks, whether set up in the living room, on the deck, in the basement or in the garage.

What NTI would like to emphasize is that from its earliest days, NTI has been about supporting our employees who prefer to work remotely. Development and support have worked remotely for many years – it’s just the nature of our business, working with the NonStop community, but today, you will find all of NTI working from home in accordance with directives and mandates imposed globally. It has always been about our people and we have had the good fortune to have the infrastructure in place to support a remote workforce for a very long time in fact, indefinitely.

It has been the focus of numerous articles and posts that perhaps what we are all witnesses to is going to become the new normal. While some commentators have gone so far as to suggest that it’s more like facing a future that is not normal, all indicators suggest that few of us will be in a hurry to return to commuting even as those towering office blocks look like becoming works of art. The global pandemic has proved to be the biggest catalyst driving change that any of us can recall. Who could have imagined as many parcel delivery vans as there are today crisscrossing our suburbs? If there was a time when you considered it highly unlikely that eCommerce would be part of the new normal then think again. It’s arrived and the infrastructure in place has a lot to do with Nonstop.

In the May issue of NonStop Insider you will find the article, NTI watching what’s changed: the need for social distancing and what hasn’t changed: the need for business continuity. In this article, the topic of change is central to commentary provided by Tim Dunne, NTI’s Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales:

“What hasn’t changed is the need of businesses everywhere to proactively pursue workable business continuity plans. The focus on Business Continuity remains as strong as ever.

“And for good reason; no business wants to be offline as the world of business becomes a fully online business. As an industry we can debate whether it’s happening in the data center, out on the edge, or even whether it is driving business to the cloud, but the bottom line remains.

“What hasn’t changed is businesses’ desire to attract and retain customers and nothing impacts that bottom line more adversely than you driving your customers into the arms of your competition.

“It’s all about maximum uptime and this calls for an all-inclusive approach to ensuring there are more than one data center, cloud or service provider on the ready and fully capable of taking over the operations should anything happen.”

To read this article published in the May 2020 issue of NonStop Insider, simply click on the hyperlink above or cut and paste this link into you browser –

To read more about NTI and our product plans, it’s simple matter of following the link below and should you have any questions on the latest product features from NTI, just email us or call any member of our sales team directly - 


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